MANILA, Philippines – Mall giant SM recently launched a line of brightly colored reusable totes as part of its efforts to encourage the youth to save the environment.

Aptly called “eco bags,” the totes are made of polypropylene, a non-woven material that is recyclable, non-toxic and non-reactive to human skin. Originally intended as grocery bags, SM said these can also be used for school and travel.

The totes come in 4 designs, each with a bold statement that addresses environmental efforts — Flow (revitalizing our waters), Breathe (cleaning our air), Spark (pushing for energy conservation) and Renew (promoting smarter waste management).

“Be stylish by supporting a good cause. Saving the earth is one trend that should never go out of style,” SM said in a statement.

It added, “The polypropylene material is even durable enough to last up to 2 years of weekly use, so the youth can show off their support to save the earth anywhere they go. And while making a stylish statement, they will really be helping out (the environment).”

SM introduced its first line of reusable bags years ago to give shoppers an alternative to plastic grocery bags.

Since then, the mall giant noted that plastic bag consumption dropped by 30%.

“That means a reduction in the energy and water consumed to produce plastic bags, and less plastic produced also means less plastic thrown away,” the company said, adding that their bags can also be seen in other countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and the United States.

The “eco bags” are currently sold for P35 apiece in SM supermalls nationwide. The company said part of the proceeds from the sale of each tote will be “for the benefit of an environmental cause.”

This wasn’t the first attempt of any group or company to provide a fashionable approach in promoting environmental awareness.

Early this year, for instance, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) held a hat design contest to help people cool their heads and walk in style while protecting Mother earth.

Here, kids and adults alike decorated their buri hats, which were judged based on design, creativity, wearability and overall impact.

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