GOTS certified organic cotton produce bags

  • Color: Natural color
  • Material: Cotton
  • Brand: Zealeaf
  • Pattern: Customized

100% organic cotton, they feature a drawstring and are the perfect gift. They are superior double-stitched strength, with tare weight on tags and stainless steel cord. Plus, the reusable mesh produce bags are easy to wash and dry. They fold up compactly so you can keep them available every time you shop. And multiple sizes of reusable vegetable bags are a helpful way to make sure you’re not carrying around more than you need

for fruits and veggies are perfect for shopping or as a gift, they can be used to keep and store your fruits and vegetables fresh with every trip you take to the farmers market, or grocery shop. But there aren`t made to be used just for food. You can also use these   mesh grocery produce bags to store and organize your cosmetics, kids toys , medicine,  jewelry, soap, tools.